What we do.

We know a lot of random facts around my company.

You know, stuff about Olympic lifting, how to speak Dutch, and the length of the train on Lady Diana’s dress at her 1981 Royal wedding to Prince Charles. #20feet

We also know these two facts:

#1: Meeting Professionals have a stressful job.

Every year, Career Cast evaluates 200 jobs on 11 stress factors to determine the 10 Most Stressful Jobs in America.

Every year “Event Coordinators” hits #5 on this list – and boasts the only job in the Top 5 that doesn’t pose mortal threat. Yikes.

#2: Meeting Professionals are busy, and speakers aren’t helping.

Planners often receive 10X more speaker inquiries than they have slots to fill. Chances are that cold calls, mass mailings, and other spray-and-pray tactics employed by speakers make that number seem more like 1000X.

See Agency exists to solve your problems of STRESS and BUSY.

See Agency is an elite team of Corporate Event Professionals, Speaker Managers and Agents with a hard-won iron-clad reputation for representing only top-quality professional corporate talent with polished, professional materials.

We have exasperatingly high standards for ourselves and our speakers. Truth is, we may be the most organized people you’ll ever meet. (We consider “OCD” a compliment.)

Having booked our elite roster of professional corporate speakers and entertainment into thousands of events over the past two decades, we’ve developed road-tested mistake-proof processes that have made a lot of speakers and event professionals very, very happy.

Who we are.

Why we do it.

In 2009, a plane skidded across the Hudson River while the US economy continued to hit the skids.

We lost the King of Pop and the auto industry lost their shirts.

Healthcare Reform and the Swine Flu made everybody a bit queasy.

In the immortal words of our favorite Irish poets, the future needed a big kiss.

Mid-way through 09, in the shadow of Mount Doom-n-Gloom, See Agency was born.

Now, it’s been said that a thin line separates bravery and insanity.

Starting a business during what was being called the biggest threat to the US economy since the Great Depression was definitely both.

In retrospect, a cannonball into the deep end of chaos was a fitting start for a company that is dedicated to representing the bravest (and craziest) speakers ever to grace the stage.

After all, See Agency is in the business of delivering a brighter future through the talent we represent.

When our speakers hit the stage, they deliver change, progress and happiness to every person in earshot.

They are merchants of ‘better’ in a world that could sometimes use a bit of improvement.

See Agency operates under the banner of three progress-minded resolutions: Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money.

Our brave and insanely talented roster is the embodiment of these goals.

Our speakers are Do-Good on a stick, empowering, inspiring, and uplifting with reckless abandon.

Our speakers are the most fun you can have with your name badge on, and still learn something. A lot of somethings, actually.

Our speakers kick start growth, map out success, and give the heave-ho to perceived obstacles.

“Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money.” serves as our purpose behind the scenes, too.

Booking dates for our talent, sharing a laugh with our clients, and cheering madly from the sidelines as game-changing messages are brought to the masses.

See Agency is who we are, what we do, and what we’d like to see more of in the world.

Our roster makes us proud.

Our work makes us proud.

Our company makes us proud.

We are looking forward to the next 5, 50, or 150 years as the Merchants of Better in whatever may come.

Now get over here, future, let us give you that kiss.