Janice Patton

Janice truly did not intend to get into this crazy industry.  She was only supposed to “help” a friend for a few weeks.  3 bureaus and 12+ years later she is still helping.  This time, she gets her hands on the speaker management side.  So far, she finds it a lot less crazy and a whole lot of fun.

Her experience in the speaking and entertaining world spans along many departments.  She wears a lot of hats and she doesn’t limit her attention to just one.  She’s a little bit organized and a little bit rock-n-roll.  She has the strange ability to recite terms and conditions on command.  And, even though she sucks at math, she manages to keep all the numbers straight.

Janice is so excited to finally become a See-She and she can’t wait to “help” you.  It took her long enough to get here.  I think we will keep her.