Jesse LeBeau

Growing up as an undersized and over-matched basketball player on a remote Alaskan island with no roads or stores, Jesse LeBeau was overlooked and underestimated, constantly feeling like he had to prove himself.

At a young age, Jesse developed a love for sports, particularly basketball. However, at 5’8” Jesse had nearly every odd stacked against him.

Despite his size and circumstances, he managed to rise above it all and became a name in the world of street ball, regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours.

Jesse has played in nationally televised games on Fox Sports Net against the best players in world, and landing starring roles in commercials for Kobe Bryant and with other NBA players such as Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin and Amare Stoudemire. Playing under the nickname ‘Spin Cycle’ he has had the opportunity to be coached by Matt Barnes, Chauncey Billups, and Dennis Rodman to name a few.

He later made it to the big screen in Hollywood in the Warner Brother’s film “Thunderstruck” starring NBA All-Star Kevin Durant and starred on the Emmy nominated TV sitcom “This Just In”. Currently, he plays himself on ‘The LeBeau Show’, a reality series that allows viewers to follow Jesse around the country to see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth, particularly troubled teens.

With only the love of the game of basketball and the tenacity to follow a dream driving him, Jesse LeBeau’s persistence has led him to star in national commercials and movies with some of the most recognizable celebrities and professional athletes in the world. More importantly, he found a way to get paid to do what he loves to do…every day!

His empowering story of triumph encourages anybody at any age to think of themselves, and how they can turn their biggest weaknesses into their greatest strengths.

“Jesse is living proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible.” – Allen Iverson


Using basketball as a tool to capture the attention of his audience, Jesse delivers the inspirational message that a great attitude will get you far. I applaud Jesse’s mission to change lives.
-Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska

Great life lessons given out of an authentic journey. Jesse shares the keys every young person needs to chase their dreams.
-Heidi Klum, America’s Got Talent

Jesse is living proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything possible.
-Allen Iverson, NBA All-Star

Jesse’s Keynotes create an unforgettable experience inspiring corporate audiences to take massive action in their lives and overcome the biggest obstacle they will ever face…themselves.
-Todd DeLano, CEO of ServRx, Inc.

Jesse shares the true power of a relentless attitude through inspiring personal stories that demonstrate how to embrace YOUR underdog and turn your biggest struggles into your competitive advantage.
-Ian Lopatin, CEO of Spiritual Gangster

A perpetual underdog himself, he offers a unique perspective on why suffering when viewed through the correct lens can become your biggest strength and greatest asset.
-Danny Schayes, NBA Veteran & Executive Director of the NBA’s Retired Players Association

His authentic approach to this topic led to major breakthroughs helping our employees who had a broken mindset finally flip the switch to get out of their own way and achieve true greatness.
-Dedan Brozino, Executive Director of the Rose Bowl Stadium

Jesse’s interactive style with audiences creates an engaging experience allowing them to understand how their unique personal story is their greatest Superpower and how to use it to build stronger relationships, increase trust and impact others at the highest level possible.
-Amir Mohamazdadeh, CEO of Rosewood Creative

This presentation inspires and encourages audiences to take complete responsibility for their lives and believe that by embracing grit, attitude and resourcefulness they can achieve true greatness in every aspect of their lives.
-Beth Moskowitz, VP of Razorgator

“Jesse just lit up the room.  He not only got everyone’s attention right away, he kept them paying attention for a solid hour.  Jesse is full of energy and positivity, and he made our event fun.  But more importantly, once he had the rapt attention of the audience, he shared a significantly important message with us. Jesse is living proof that with hard work and determination, and with faith in your own abilities, you can truly aspire to, and achieve, big goals. Jesse is so genuine, his life story so impressive, his enthusiasm so contagious, that his message really takes hold with everyone who listens.”
-Leslie Dahl, Co-Chair, Pillars of America Speaker Series, Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary