Jaeson Jones

Jaeson Jones is a nationally recognized authority on Counterterrorism, the Mexican Cartels, border security and methods to combat transnational crime. Armed with his 25+ years of frontline experience, Jaeson Jones is on a one-man mission to stop the Cartel and “Servare Vitas” – to save lives.

Jones – a retired Captain from Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division – is a leading authority on Global Violent Networks, organized crime/counter network disruption, and on all disciplines of homeland security.

Jaeson supervised Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations in several nations and liaised daily with law enforcement and members of the intelligence community to collaborate with all disciplines of the homeland security enterprise.

He is the current Director/CEO of Omni Intelligence, a private company that strives to build awareness of new 21st Century transnational crimes affecting our families and best practices to combat those crimes.

“The movement of people coming here with dreams of a better life and a debt of servitude to the Cartels is a form of modern slavery.”

Jones captivates his audiences through incredible real-life stories while learning what we all must do to tackle drug trafficking, kidnapping, human smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, weapons trafficking, money laundering, public corruption or murder linked to organized crime from outside the US, and the exploitation of people by cartels and other criminal organizations around the world.

Jaeson Jones


Jaeson’s engaging presentation, before our diverse public safety audience, was well received and eye-opening. Most had no sense of the breadth of impact the cartels could have in our area, being so far away from the Mexico-US border. Jaeson was able to bridge the knowledge gap in a way that was both interesting and impactful!