Speaker Therapy

the curative path to bookability.

What is bookability, anyway?

Being bookable is about capturing the attention of buyers and making them wonder where you’ve been all their lives.

Are you bookable?

The speaking industry is saturated with hard-working, well-intended talent with compelling stories, relevant content, underwhelming materials and an average brand.

The success of a bookable speaker is not just talent behind a microphone. It’s not just hard work, great stories, and good intention. It’s all of that, and a myriad of nuances often overlooked by even the most seasoned speakers.

How do you increase bookability?

Quite simply, the way to becoming bookable is by removing barriers to bookings. The biggest barrier is, plain and simple, fear. If anything about your marketing materials incites insecurity in the buyer, you’ll be passed over. Instill confidence, remove all doubt of your excellence, and your bookability will increase.

How can Speaker Therapy help?

By allowing us to pop the hood on your speaker business, we can see what you can’t. We do this by examining everything from your brand to your bio; your value to your video.

Why See Agency Speaker Therapy?

The quest for more bookings is lined with courses, coaches, and boot camps, oftentimes offered by fellow speakers who’ve blazed a trail in the speaking industry. But rarely is that feedback coming from the people actually buying and selling talent.

As a management agency with over 100 collective years on the frontlines, we work every day with bureaus, planners, and buyers of all shapes and sizes on the hunt for talent. This means we know what they like, who they like, why they like it.

And what they hate.

Speaker Therapy is our Consulting Division that works with professional talent and speakers on making the marketing package more buyer-friendly. We have the x-ray vision to see your business from every angle.

We find where you are wasting your time and money.

We examine how you are presenting yourself, and we find out how others are perceiving you.

Then, we help you appeal to the buyer.

Working with us will give you

  • configuration of your brand for more bookings.
  • confidence that you’re headed in the right direction.
  • clarity around your whole package.
  • congruence between who you are and what you’re presenting.

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