Meta Jane Smith

Meta Jane Smith came to See Agency with a grand total of zero years of experience in the industry. Her initial role of Administrative Assistant to the See Queen has morphed over the years into the role of Agent, Speaker Manager, Event Logistics Coordinator.  The opportunity to work with Christa and dive head-first into the speaking industry has shaped her identity both professionally and personally.

Meta Jane comes from Texas A&M University and is very familiar with the values of integrity and commitment. She is committed to serving her speakers, clients, and buyers. Doing good, having fun, and making money are in her blood.

Smith’s day-to-day involves air traffic controlling multiple speaker calendars, relaying information clearly and competently, apologizing for her made-up sounding name, and making our clients very, very happy.

Her attention to detail and determination are just a couple qualities that give her the title of “Best Agent Ever.”

You’ve never met a Meta like ours.