Patrick Sweeney

1 : Olympic level athlete, tech entrepreneur, cancer survivor, full time adventurer, fear expert

2 : First person to ever attempt cycling the seven summits; first to officially bike to Everest base camp; holds multiple cycling world records; named one of the “World’s Real Fittest Athletes” by Outside Magazine TV

3 : Founder and CEO of three technology companies worth millions of dollars; author of “RFID for Dummies”; received Presidential recognition for contributions to business and charity

4 : Interviewed neuroscientists and psychologists from Tufts, Harvard, MIT and NYU to unlock the secrets of fear and peak performance

5 : Featured in CIO Magazine, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, ABC News; graduated top 5 MBA from Darden Graduate School of Business Administration


There are times in your life when you need to make a change. Those times of change become milestone moments that alter everything. You get a glimpse of what life could be if you reached inside and changed things to become the person you were meant to be. For years, Patrick worked hard building technology companies that would earn him millions. He was working 75-hour weeks, pushing his body to the limits, and feeling completely exhausted and unfulfilled.

The day he stepped out of a hospital, having fought for his life on the operating table against a rare case of Leukemia and almost losing it, he had one of those milestone moments. He felt the wind for the first time and took the opportunity to stop and think, “What the hell am I doing with my life?” Things changed from that moment and today, he chases adventure for a living. Yes, that’s right. Patrick is a full time adventurer on a mission to help people around the world find their adventurer within.

The day Sweeney started taking steps to find his adventurer again, he unlocked a passion and energy for life that had been lost for a long time. He has seen too many people spend a lifetime working for the weekend and saying, “I wish I could do that but I can’t.” Life is meant to be fun and Patrick discovered that he could change the story he was telling himself and find adventure in his life again. In fact, he needed to do it for himself, his kids and for the people in his life who mattered the most. He has been an Olympic level athlete and best selling author and grown technology companies around the world and sold them for millions. But right now; this very day, he is living his life to its fullest, exploring the adventurer within, breaking world records, and embracing every day as if it were his last. Patrick wants to help others do the same, and become better partners, parents and people.

The Surprising Power of Fear

This is Patrick’s award-winning keynote that Google’s European Headquarters called the best of 2017. Patrick covers the surprising ability to use the brain’s autonomic reactions as power and what the newest neuroscience on fear means for peak performance. This talk will have audiences thinking of fear in a whole new light and understanding the secret to peak mental and physical performance, and sustained long-term success. This is based on Patrick’s upcoming book Fear as Fuel

Start-Up Me: Running Your Life and Career Like an Entrepreneur

Patrick goes back to his roots as an entrepreneur and angel investor and reveals the top five principles anyone can adopt to create successful companies, personal lives and careers.

Breaking the Rules in Life and Business

What if you knew which rules were holding you back and how to break them? Think of how your life would change if you had no ceiling on what you can accomplish. Patrick gives the principles that helped three of his companies dominate their field and crush the competition.


Patrick inspires and instructs as he lays out a road map for breaking out of the rut of the average uninspired life. He demonstrates how to create depth and meaning in the lives of all who hear his stories of using fear to achieve new heights.
-Rosa Scarcelli, President, Stanford Management (Fellow at Aspen Institute and Former Gubernatorial candidate, Maine 2008)

Patrick was the opening speaker at a YPO regional conference in Miami where I delivered the keynote. His stories of adventure, passion and growth are deftly intertwined with innovative business lessons. It was fun and entertaining with real take-away value.
-Carly Fiorina-Former, CEO of Hewlett Packard, NY Times Best selling author, Former candidate for President of the United States

Think you can’t have a better life? Think again. Patrick Sweeney will show you how. He unlocked his potential by making friends with fear and you can too.
-James Fallon, YPO New England Education Co-Chair

Patrick has a powerful presence and is also a fun guy to be around. He is always challenging you to be better and stretch beyond your fear frontier (TM). Since he walks the walk and has done so in business and in adventure he is great at opening your eyes to what might be possible for you.
-Nathaniel Greene, President & CEO, Stroud Consulting

In a world full of extremes and fast paced living you owe yourself to take note of Patrick’s experiences and make time to face your fears, be true to one self and those around you, be present and LIVE BIG.
-Gerry Burns, Former CEO US Robotics, YPO New England Education Co-Chair

Patrick is a high-energy force of nature. Always seeking to push himself and others beyond the comfort zone to achieve breakthroughs – physically, professionally and personally. His enthusiasm and confidence is infectious – people can’t help but feel inspired.
-Ann M. Bilyew, Managing Director, Boudica Capital

Do you want your organization to embrace challenges and welcome the unknown? Do you want your culture to reward risk-taking rather than complacency and status quo? Patrick Sweeney has the unique ability to awaken the adventurer within us all. He reminds us to make a point of scaring ourselves. His dynamic personality and inspiring story will leave even the most passive and disengaged people wondering how to take the leap toward greatness that is only found by pursuing new adventures.
-Mark Anderegg, CEO, Little Sprouts, Inc

Patrick inspired our 1,200 sales associates to really push out of their comfort zone and hit a new level of success. We originally wanted Tim Ferris but logistically it didn’t work out, that was the best thing that could have happened to us! Patrick was much more innovative as a speaker plus he has built real companies and set world records – he’s the real deal!
-Brian Underwood, CEO, Prüvit Corporation