Claire Burge

Part chaos, part rocket fuel, Claire Burge is a technology entrepreneur, downhill mountain biker, and future thinker about all things human, work, and play.

Chaos theory defined is this: what appears to be chaotic is in fact a complex system where many micro changes are happening regularly in a seemingly unpredictable way. Claire believes work is becoming a chaotic place.

Work on a global level is adopting these exact characteristics. Claire’s deep passion lies in enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to embrace behaviors that allow them to move into this new world of work. She, and the team she leads at This is Productivity, are actively working across three areas of work: humans, workspaces, and technology. They are building a platform which enables workflow automation between all the various technologies which people use daily in their working life. Claire’s belief in cutting edge technology, human acceleration, and improved workspaces is the driving force in all that she does, every day.

Claire has an impressive list of clients which include: EY, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Accenture, Roche, chlumberger, Asos and many of the world’s leading technology companies. Claire challenges the status quo, pushes the boundaries on what is possible, and asks the big questions that a lot of us are afraid to really confront and act on.

If you want to challenge your mental boxes or color outside the lines, then engage with Claire around topics such as the future of work in a world of robots, play as an essential part of work, human acceleration in an automated world, and visualizing workspaces as playgrounds.

She’s building a rocket … you want to board this one.


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